Basic Information

The Sheeplive project ( in Slovak) was initiated by the civic association eSlovensko as an integral part of the, and projects. The project partners include the Slovak Ministry of the Interior and the Slovak Committee for UNICEF. The main goal of the project is to create a series of cartoons for children and an international internet portal. The project focuses on the safety of children and youth, in particular the risks related to the internet, mobile phones and new technologies. The project serves as a prevention tool for children, wittily shows teenagers a mirror of their improper behaviour and gives adults an opportunity to learn.

The cartoon series for children goes back to the traditions of original cartoons for children and youth created in the former Czecho-Slovakia. Cartoons were produced with financial support from the EU’s Safer Internet Programme. The first four pilot episodes were premiered on 8 October 2009 and dealt with the following topics:

  • Coatless (Publication of photos and videos with naked parts of the body.)
  • Don't Dance with the Wolf (Misuse of photos and videos.)
  • Secret Friend (Grooming.)
  • White Sheep (Discrimination and racism on the internet)

A further 5 episodes were premiered in Slovakia on 8 February 2011, in co-operation with the Austrian Institute for Applied Telecommunication and the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). With financial support EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme. Project was supported by Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

  • Ninety nine (Lucky chain letters?)
  • Burping Man (The internet always remembers your past mistakes.)
  • Beauty Crown (Anorexia, "beauty recipes" on the Internet.)
  • Revenge (Cyberstalking.)
  • Speaking trumpet (Phishing.)

These days, new 4 episodes are premiered:

  • Carnival mask (Imitation of idols in dangerous scenes.)
  • A Thousand Friends (Virtual friendships.)
  • The other side (Social equality.)
  • Fireworks (The risks involved in the production and use of explosive materials)

A further 8 episodes are scheduled to be premiered in 2012. Cartoons will be produced with financial support from the EU’s Safer Internet Programme.

  • Masquerade (You never know who is on the other side of the internet or the mobile phone.)
  • Hands up (Vulgar language and gestures.)
  • Unknown mobile (Respect the privacy of your friend. Etiquette of mobile communication.)
  • Thick neck (Cyberbullying.)
  • Mobil mania (Mobile addiction, etiquette of mobile communication.)
  • Presents (Online shopping. Shop only what you can afford.)
  • Snow game (Recording of violent and humbling scenes - Happy slapping.)
  • Muddy heads (PC games addiction.)

The internet portal was launched on 8 October 2009 in the Slovak version and in versions for minorities living in Slovakia (Hungarian, Roma). Didactic and playful content was gradually added to the site and on 8 February 2011 it was extended to the international level. The initial language versions include German (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium), Slovene (Slovenia), Hungarian (Slovakia, Hungary), Roma (Slovakia, Hungary), sign language (Slovakia), and Slovak with English subtitles (UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta). The portal is designed to be user-friendly for the visually impaired and its rules also accept other handicapped groups (for instance persons with physical handicaps and users with alternative display devices).